At My Planet Childcare, we have only been using EarlyWorks for about 2 months. We are working towards maximising its full potential, where the flexibility of the software allows us to express our own individual styles of teaching and practices whilst also encouraging us to reflect of our pedagogical practices without conforming to a particular format. It is a platform where we can provide a more holistic approach in all aspects of Education and Care under the umbrella of inclusion for all children.

Now with the added use of an App, our families feel a lot more comfortable with the use of technology checking up on their child’s Daily Communication (routine information), programs and observations, pictures, etc. We have also started to see an increase in parent participation and communication via Earlyworks.

The EarlyWorks Team are amazing. They are always happy to receive feedback on the use of the software, as well as provide some insight on how to approach parts of the software keeping in mind the EYLF and NQS.

Overall, EarlyWorks gives you more time with the children, helps you present and come up with programs in a more meaningful ways, aids your educators and educational leader to consolidate and streamline practices and fosters better communication and involvement with families.

Lynda Stein (Owner/Director)
My Planet Childcare


We love EarlyWorks! It is amazing and we love that it is easy for educators to use and families to see all the amazing things their children have done.

Since starting to use EarlyWorks in our centres, our educators have had a better understanding of the programming cycle, are more reflective in their practices and have more time to focus on the learning with the children. Bonnie has been amazing in the training and implementation of the program in our centres, supporting each educator to understand the program at their level.

Thank you so much!!

Martha Samra (Educational Leader)
Happy House Childcare Centre


Since introducing EarlyWorks into our centre in May 2016, we have been very impressed with the improvements in almost every aspect of our service. All of our educators have found it very easy to use, and has saved countless hours of manual paperwork. The response from all of our parents & families has been very positive, and communications between the educators and parents has improved dramatically.

So far EarlyWorks has exceeded all of our expectations, and we would highly recommend using this program to any early childhood education service.

Jason Place, Centre Manager
Montessori Stepping Stones


100% recommend EarlyWorks to all centres. We have found our programming time has halved and much more simple to get our parents involved and send feedback. The system is very user friendly. I couldn’t be happier with our decision to implement EarlyWorks in our child care.

Leah Tagliaferri – Owner/Director
Glen Iris Child Care Centre


I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for all the assistance received so far. It has all the features I was wanting.  The support has also been fantastic, all my questions were answered quickly and informatively.

I have tried two other software applications but EarlyWorks is the best. I trust and believe that this will be a lengthy business relationship. I will most definitely refer all my friends to you.  Thank you and keep up the good work!

Peter Khella – Owner / Director
Gardner Farm Childcare


Play & Learn introduced EarlyWorks at our O’Connor centre as a trial  3 months ago. We had already trialled another product earlier in  the year, but found it to be complicated and cumbersome to use. The Educators did not enjoy using it. We spent a considerable amount of time looking for a product that would be simple to use as well as meeting  the requirements of our programming system, not to mention the ability to monitor and audit learning programs created and implemented. EarlyWorks has proven to be a very simple,  user friendly and professional product that has taken very little effort to roll out. There has been ample support and training, and based on the success of this trial, we will be rolling this system into all the Play & Learn centres in January.

This is what our educators say:

  • EarlyWorks is really easy and straight forward to use and understand
  • It easily links children’s learning  to the desired EYLF outcomes
  • Helps Educators to become more familiar with EYLF concepts and implanting these into the children’s learning programmes
  • Looks and presents in a very professional manner
  • Allows us to Incorporate the use of more technology into our programmes
  • Provides further opportunity to communicate to families about their child’s learning
  • Supports more family participation into the programme.

We are looking forward to the implementation of EarlyWorks throughout the group as not only a time saving and more efficient way to effectively program for children, but with the ability to share the children’s information with families so easily, we look forward to adding value to our clients experience with Play & Learn.

Paige Baylis – Manager Education and Practice
Play and Learn Child Care Centres


I am the Owner/Director of Treasured Tots Child Care and we have been using EarlyWorks now for approximately 8 months. I looked at another provider for online programming and found there was no comparison to EarlyWorks for value for money and ease of use. The creator of this wonderful product – Bonnie Brown is one of the most knowledgable and passionate people I have ever met in the Early Childhood industry. This shines through EarlyWorks in the way it functions and relates to everyday educating children on the floor. All of my Educators cannot believe how much easier EarlyWorks has made their day. Their programming is done more effectively and efficiently than ever before in a lot less time and with no stress.

I, as the owner, and my managers love the way we can monitor everything that is happening from our phones or iPads, at home on the couch or in another state. Building our QIP through EarlyWorks has been one of my ( as an owner/ manager ) most favourite tools! My QIP has grown at least double since I started using EarlyWorks, mainly because when I remember things at home at night or at a hair appointment I can log onto EarlyWorks and add to my QIP within minutes. Nothing ever gets forgotten! My staff all agree that early works has helped them to fully understand the planning cycle and feel confident that they are providing a quality program to all children. I couldn’t be happier that I invested in this wonderful product.

Simone O’Brien – Owner/Director
Treasured Tots Child Care Centres


Through using EarlyWorks I would have to say that the girls are saying they don’t really need their programming time (2 hours) now for writing their programs.

They obviously are still given this time but because they can use the EarlyWorks program quickly and easily throughout the day and whilst it is rest/sleep time, they find that during their programming time they are able to do things such as finalising routines and refining practices in their rooms, create artwork, projects, cleaning/sorting, QIP evaluations etc.

Previously through the use of another product it wasn’t clear to parents or educators what was happening and there wasn’t a clear program in place. It was very time consuming as it wasn’t easy to use and the girls struggled to complete a program in their 2 hours non-contact time, some weeks it wasn’t getting done at all. A lot of paper was being used to set up portfolios, now there is no time taken to make a quick basic portfolio as everything is already on EarlyWorks.

In summary I think it has saved each staff member (2 hours a week) if not more. That’s all educators not just qualified staff.

Tania Hyde – Owner/Director
Teddy Bear Corner Child Care Centre


I have been a Family Day Care educator for seventeen years. EarlyWorks is the best programming system that I have used during this time. It is very user friendly, covers all areas of the National Quality Framework and their customer support is second to none. My families now easily and enthusiastically contribute to the program and their feedback has been one hundred percent positive. If looking for the most comprehensive and time efficient method of programming, EarlyWorks is the way to go.

Chantelle Brown – Owner
Bees Knees Family Day Care


I started using EarlyWorks two years ago. I have found it to be the most comprehensive documentation program available. Most days I spend 15 minutes to program, journal and add photos. The parents of the children in care love to log in to see whats been happening in their child’s day and find it easy to navigate. I highly recommend EarlyWorks as I can complete documenting in a shorter time frame. This allows me to spend more time to be actively involved with the children I have in care. I feel very comfortable I am now meeting National Quality Standards with documentation.

Lisa Green
Family Day Care Educator