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EarlyWorks is an innovative early childhood education programming software application designed by experienced professionals. Through collaboration with Educators, Management and Owners of Early Childhood Education services, EarlyWorks has been designed to meet the needs of people working on the floor and in services as well as those managing the effectiveness of larger numbers of centres.

EarlyWorks takes the guess work out of programming and documentation. Educational Program and Practice is a key area for rating and assessment. With EarlyWorks your service has the tools to ensure that there is clear and concise evidence to support this area. This way you can focus training on the delivery, implementation and content of the Educational Program and Practice instead of “how to” program.

If you are not receiving EarlyWorks emails in your inbox, it may be that they have been redirected to your email’s junk folder.  If you find that legitimate emails are ending up in your junk folder, most email software will allow you to flag these emails as “Mark as not junk” so that future emails from the same person will be delivered successfully to your inbox.

Services like Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail block email before they even get to your computer.  This is to protect you from unwanted or malicious email such as phishing, scams and spam. Unfortunately, they often mistake email that you want for email that you don’t want.   Here is an explanation of how to do that for Gmail, or Yahoo! Mail –

The most likely reason your system is running slowing is a problem with your Internet connection.  The first thing to do is run a speed test to determine if the problem is the connection.  Google “speed test” for an assortment of online services that will calculate your download and upload speeds (e.g. or similar).  If the speed test results are good, then the problem may be internal to your computer or device. There may be software running in the background (e.g. updates, backups, virus scans, etc.) that is interfering with your Internet connection which, in turn, makes your Internet experience appear to be slow.

For support purposes, our staff may request that you send them a “screenshot” of a screen within EarlyWorks. The way you achieve this will depend on your computer and the operating system being used. The following article covers most situations –

EarlyWorks is pre-populated with the Early Years Learning Framework and the My time, Our Place Framework for School aged children. However, EarlyWorks can support ANY framework. Simply let our friendly support staff know which framework you require (QKLG, Te Whariki, EYFS & DM, Common Core Curriculum, etc) and we’ll set everything up for you. You can also customise the outcomes yourself, if required.

Easy. We can provide access to EarlyWorks for managers and educators who need to view and/or update information across multiple centres.

EarlyWorks encourages and supports the continuation of learning between centre and home environments by allowing families to stay informed of their children’s learning journey.

Families can be allocated a secure personal login which allows them to make contributions, suggestions and share information relating to their child/ren.

We offer phone and email support for any issue relating to EarlyWorks. We are always keen to assist and make sure you are getting the most out of EarlyWorks.

When you first purchase EarlyWorks we are happy to provide you with a free training session to ensure get the most out of EarlyWorks. This will generally be done via teleconferencing software such as WebEx or GoToMeeting. If you haven’t used these tools before, don’t panic. We’ll guide you through the process.

We will also provide a “Quick Reference Guide” to all services for both Managers and Educators.

If you require on-site or specialised training, just contact our support staff who will be able to organise something for you.

The great thing about EarlyWorks is that it is so simple to use, you’ll be up and running in no time.

You can access EarlyWorks using any computer, tablet or smartphone provided you have a reasonable Internet connection . The device must have a modern web browser installed such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox, supporting HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Cookies. Viewing and editing of generated documentation requires the use of Microsoft Word (or compatible) word processing software.

The security of your data is extremely important to us. Your login details are authenticated using best practice Microsoft ASP.NET Forms Authentication methods. User passwords are not stored as clear text and are encrypted using industry best practice one-way Salt + Hash encryption. All application transactions are secured using GeoTrust 128 bit SSL Certificate security. All data is stored on servers located within Australia.

Yes. EarlyWorks can be accessed via the website interface or by downloading the free native “app”.

Yes.  You can flag an observation as either group or individual.

As EarlyWorks is cloud based it is necessary to have an internet connection. You will not be able to access this system offline.

All observations and documentation belong to the service. This is the same as children’s paper based files currently held by an individual service. It is possible for families to save or print their child’s images or observations whilst they have an active login. Services are also able to print child portfolios for families. Once a child or Educator leaves, their login needs to be made inactive.

No, but it is possible for services to export individual child profiles which detail the child’s current learning, interests, knowledge, goals, etc. This is particularly useful to support children’s transition to school.

Child Initiated:
By writing your child or group observations and planning for your extension / follow on / next experience. EarlyWorks collates this information into your program – effectively creating your program for you from what you have already input.

Family Input, Educator led or Intentional Teaching:
Simply input the planned the experience, select the intended outcomes and select “Family input” as the preceding experience.

Cloud based access means that managers, educators and families can view a child’s progress at anytime, anywhere and on any computer connected to the Internet including tablets and smartphones.

Yes. EarlyWorks provides a simple data import facility allowing you to upload Child and Staff information as required.

You may be wondering how best to handle the situation where children are leaving your service but families still wish to have access to their child’s information on EarlyWorks.

There are three options available to you:

Option 1: This option will allow families to keep an active login so that they can view their inactive child’s information. This would be used if the child is leaving the service, and you would like to allow the family continued access to the child’s information.

  1. Ensure the family member’s Login Record is still active (using the Login Edit screen).
  2. Make the Child Record inactive (using the Child Edit screen).
  3. Ensure the family member’s Login Record is still linked to the Child Record made inactive in step 2 (using the Family Logins tab on the Edit Child screen).

Option 2: This option only allows families to view information about their children with active records. This would be used if the family has at least one child with an inactive record and one child with an active record, and you only want them to view the active child’s information.

  1. Ensure the family member’s Login Record is still active (using the Login Edit screen).
  2. Make the Child Record inactive (using the Child Edit screen).
  3. Remove the link between the family member’s Login Record and the Child Record being made inactive (using the Family Logins tab on the Edit Child screen).

Option 3: This option will prevent families from having access to EarlyWorks. This would be used if the family no longer has any active children at the service, and you do not wish them to have access to their inactive children’s records.

  1. Make the family member’s Login Record inactive (using the Login Edit screen).
  2. Make all of the family member’s Child records inactive (optional – using the Child Edit screen).
  3. Remove all links between the family member’s Login Record and any existing Child Record (optional – using the Family Logins tab on the Edit Child screen).

If you don’t remember your password, click the “Forgot your Password” link on the EarlyWorks login page. You will then be emailed a temporary password which you will need to change the next time you login.

As your email account is your identity on EarlyWorks, you will need to have a different email account when you log in as a parent. We suggest opening a free email account (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.) to use as your parent login.

This appears to be an issue with the Google Chrome browser.

To resolve, use an alternative browser


Open the ‘3-bar’ drop down menu at the top-right of the Chrome Window, select Settings >Advanced Settings and then unchecked the “Use hardware acceleration when available” box near the bottom of the page.

Yes, but just remember that most modern smartphones and tablets will record video at a quality that creates a large file.  Even a 10 second file may take up 20Mb or more.
We recommend you download a video compressor app (there are quite a few available) and compress your file to a size less than 4Mb before uploading to EarlyWorks.

According to ACECQA “From 1 February 2018, Services will be assessed and rated against a revised version of the National Quality Standard (NQS).”

To support Services transitioning to the new National Quality Standards and Elements, we have made some minor changes to EarlyWorks. These changes are available now but may not impact your Service immediately as the timing and nature of your transition will depend largely on your Service’s individual circumstances.

Services can now select from one of three “NQS Standards and Elements” options available from the Maintain > Settings screen.

  • Pre 1-Feb-2018 is currently the default option. With this option, all NQS Standards and Elements displayed throughout EarlyWorks will relate to the Standards and Elements of the existing QIP template.
  • If you select the Post 1-Feb-2018 option, all NQS Standards and Elements displayed throughout EarlyWorks will relate to the Standards and Elements of the Revised 1st February 2018 QIP template.
  • If you select the Pre and Post 1-Feb-2018 option, both the existing and revised NQS Standards and Elements will the displayed. This will allow you to generate two versions of the QIP and QIP Evidence List.