New EarlyWorks Dashboard Charts

In response to a greater industry focus on critical reflection and summative assessment in recent months, we have added these additional charts to the EarlyWorks Administrator Dashboard.

The importance of critical reflection and reflective practice can’t be understated. Ongoing learning and reflective practice is the fifth Principle of the EYLF, and critical reflection is also included in Standard 1.3, and Elements 1.3.1 & 1.3.2. It could also be argued that the process of developing and maintaining the service’s QIP is based on critical reflection of each of the Quality Areas, Standards and Elements. I guess it’s not really surprising then, that the rating and assessment process now has a strong focus on critical reflection and reflective practice. The new Reflections of Pedagogy chart supports the service’s management team, in their responsibility to ensure all educators are regularly engaging in reflective practice by showing the number of reflections of pedagogy being created by each room, each month.

Another area of importance is summative assessment. In some states it is a kindergarten funding requirement that every child transitioning to school has a transition statement. This statement includes a description of the child’s learning and development progress against either the EYLF outcomes or in Victoria, the VEYLDF. Using EarlyWorks, educators can generate Learning Journeys, that clearly demonstrate the learning and development of each child against each of the outcomes in the framework used by the service. However, in order to generate a Learning Journey, educators must be regularly adding outcome comments to their observations. With the EarlyWorks Outcome Comment summary chart, educational leaders will be able to see at a glance the number of outcome comments that have been created by each room, each month.